Games Oncologists Play – and WE Pay

Quite the exposé about oncologists and drug reimbursements is found in an article written by Alex Berenson in the New York Times.

The crux of the story is that oncologists — cancer doctors — have the ability to profit from the drugs they prescribe for their patients. When they prescribe chemo, or any of the drugs given to patients as a result of chemo (such as drugs to boost their strength or to help with their recovery from the ravages of chemo), they do so knowing they will make more money than if they simply met with the patient. Unfortunately, it seems that for many of these oncologists, their goal is focused on milking the system for all it’s worth — not simply to profit — er, um, excuse me — to treat their patients.

To quote Dr. Robert Geller from the article, “As long as oncologists continue to be paid by the procedure instead of for spending time with patients, they will find ways to game the system, however much money they make or lose on prescribing drugs…”

Game the system???

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