SPTCL and Post-Traumatic Meltdown

It comes on in a rush, and it makes me feel like a Sweet-tart — you know, one of those candies that you bite into, it grabs the sour corners of your tongue, and it just dissolves…. The overwhelming dread and tears begin to descend, sometimes I just collapse. It takes a good cry to get over it.

Then I pick myself up, with a renewed sense of making sure NO ONE else will ever have to go through that.

It’s PTSD — Post Traumatic Stress Disorder — which comes over me once or twice a year, and is a result of my misdiagnosis of three years ago. A trigger, in the form of a sad movie (The Family Stone) or someone else’s misdiagnosis story, or, this week’s trigger, which I’ll describe in a minute…. and I just melt down.

This week’s trigger: I received an email from a gentleman whose wife has been diagnosed with the same, very rare, very aggressive lymphoma I was diagnosed with. It’s called SPTCL, Subcutaneous Panniculitis-Like T-Cell Lymphoma. Sometimes it’s abbreviated to STCL. It’s extremely rare: in 2004, it was reported that only 100 cases had been reported worldwide in the past decade. And because it’s so rare, it’s almost impossible to find anyone who knows much about it.

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1 Response to “SPTCL and Post-Traumatic Meltdown”

  1. 1 Emily June 22, 2007 at 1:58 pm


    Thanks for your post. I also have PTSD (although for different reasons) and had never thought of the mental strain caused by a misdiagnosis. My thoughts are with you. Stay strong.

    Take care,

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