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MRSA in the Community (Interview)

While my heart breaks for the family of the young high school boy who lost his life to a MRSA infection, I can’t help but think his death will have saved the lives of millions in the future.

MRSA has been around for so many years, and tens of thousands of people have been dying, but no one has been paying attention! Now, they are. Sadly, MRSA has moved from the hospital where people have been acquiring it, and dying from it, for years, to the community. It’s a different strain, but no less deadly.

When we were kids, we were taught to wash our hands so the germs wouldn’t make us sick.

Now we need to teach our kids to wash and sanitize so the germs won’t cause someone to die.

Do a news search on google or yahoo using “MRSA” and “community” and you’ll come up with more than 1,000 citations this morning.

A few weeks ago, I interviewed infectious disease expert Dr. Shelly Gilroy for my radio show. This morning I’ve uploaded that interview, plus my previously (newspaper) published information about MRSA for your review.

I’ve also added some links to further information, including the most recent updates from the Centers for Disease Control.

There is a long way to go before this superbug, or any of the others, can be eradicated. Until then, we just have to stay smart, keep our hands washed, teach our kids how to avoid infections at school, use precautions when we are in places with equipment that will house the germs….

Read up, and be smart. Please!

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