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From the desk of…. (11/2/07)

Some miscellany from the week not requiring entire blog posts on their own…fromthedeskof.gif


Enjoyed participating in the WSYR Radiothon with Joe Galuski to raise money for the University Hospital / Children’s Hospital in Syracuse, NY. Incredible resource for families with sick children.


Two good interviews of note on this week’s radio show: Dr. Thomas Welch, chair of pediatrics of University Hospital, and Dr. Matthew Scuderi who will talk about cartilage repair for the knee. You can download the interviews from the radio show website.


You might be interested in some recent comments made by Marc J, an anesthesiologist, who is NOT happy with some of my posts. In fact, he would like to serve me some “salsa for the chip on my shoulder.” Hmmm…. He also suggested in one of the comments that he didn’t like attacking me on my blog where all my readers could see them — however — as you know, my email address is listed directly under my photo.

I want you, my reader, to understand all sides of the story when it comes to your care. In fact, I think it makes for smarter healthcare consumers — and shows you even better why you need to take responsibility for your own choices in your care, ranging from who your doctors will be, to how you will be diagnosed or treated, to how you will pay for your care, and everything in between.

So here are a list of Marc’s posts, although, please keep in mind that he doesn’t really intend to attack me publicly (uh-huh.)

Comment on Lemon Law for Medical Consumers by Marc J

Comment on How Apologies Lead to Fixing by Marc J

Comment on When Dirty Doctors Can’t be Identified by Marc J

In fact, Marc, you are right. There are definitely times I cop an attitude or have an “edge” to my work. I’ve been accused of that before. It started with my own misdiagnosis, and it continues because I get dozens of emails each week from people who have been wronged by the healthcare system in some way. It’s heartbreaking — and has turned me into a cynic, whereas throughout my life to this point, I’ve mostly been a pollyanna.

Guess that makes me the Ralph Nader of the healthcare system.

And yes, I have real problems sleeping at night. Because I just can’t get the word out fast enough.


OK — out to do some gardening today! It’s a perfectly glorious autumn day here and I plan to take advantage of it. Included will be cleaning up the pieces of pumpkins left from the squirrels who have eaten right through them!

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