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MRSA, other Staph Infections: Nothing New Here!

It’s all over the news this morning, from CNN to NBC to CBS, ABC and Fox — a report of widespread MRSA and other staph infections. They are superbugs that can’t be eradicated by the antibiotics that exist because the very nature of them is that they have overcome those killing agents.

So instead they are killing people worldwide.

There is nothing new here!

Patient safety experts have been calling attention to these superbugs for years, and predicting exactly what is now being reported: that people are dying who otherwise would not have died had they not acquired this infection. In this case, it took the death of a high school boy to call attention. My heart goes out to his family, along with some appreciation to this young man who has now become the catalyst for making these infections come to the top of the news heap.

This is Hospital Infection Prevention Week. Learn everything you can about these infections to stay clear and keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Take the steps necessary, especially if you must be in the hospital, to keep yourself clean of these infections.

Now, go wash and sanitize your hands.


Find an update to this post, and a podcast interview here.

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Hospital Infection Prevention Week

The first line of defense against hospital infections is clean hands.

Seems simple, right? Yet millions of Americans are infected in hospitals every year. 100,000 Americans die from them.

Read that carefully — yes — 100,000 Americans go to the hospital because they are sick, or they need surgery. They die — NOT because they were sick or needed surgery — but because they got infected.

And the great majority would NOT have died if hospital employees — from doctors to nurses to the guy who brings in the meal trays — had simply washed and sanitized their hands.

I would write a LOOONG blog post about this — but instead, I’m going to let Consumers Union tell you about it. Then I’ll invite you to join their campaign to stop the spread of these infections.

If you’d like to see what I’ve written in the past about hospital acquired infections, you can do so here.

Save a life — yours, a loved one’s or a stranger’s.  Learn about these infections. Do your part to keep them at bay.

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